Mission & Activities

Our Mission

To promote educational excellence by fostering a spirit of community through the facilitation of communication and cooperation among the Laboratory Schools’ parents, administration, faculty, students, and board of directors, and to assist in the implementation of school activities.

What we do…


The PA is comprised of all parents and legal guardians of Lab School children, and it is the primary vehicle for bringing families and the school together to further common objectives. To this end, the Association encourages wide parent support and involvement in school issues and activities.  Annual PA dues are included on the first tuition payment bill each year.

On behalf of the broader parent population, the Board of the Parents’ Association organizes a variety of events and activities in three major areas:  community building, parent and student support and advocacy, and curriculum innovation.  Our programs typically include:

  • Hosting new parent orientations through to graduation receptions
  • Coordinating both school-wide and grade-level opportunities for parents and families to socialize
  • Bringing nationally renowned speakers to campus and host discussion groups on parenting and education
  • Working with parents, faculty, and administration to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the year
  • Promoting innovation through our teacher grant program

The Board is also the policy-making body of the PA.  Parent volunteers are elected to the Board annually to represent the PA’s membership.  The Board coordinates its work through its Executive Council and four division councils–Earl Shapiro Hall Council, Lower School Council, Middle School Council, and High School Council.  In addition to these elected positions, a number of volunteers are appointed to manage committees and events, such as Room Parents, Diversity Committee, Rites of May, Bookswap, BoxTops, and Speaker Series.

All parents are invited and encouraged to attend PA meetings, and to participate as volunteers.

The below chart depicts the organization of the PA Board and its sponsorship and coordination with many other parent volunteer opportunities.

Parent Volunteer Activities

For a fuller description of our activities in the past school year, we invite you to read our Annual Report.