Affinity Groups

The Lab PA has more than a dozen affinity groups dedicated to celebrating the diversity of our school community, as well as special event groups that organize specific activities. Reach out to the contacts below for more information on each group.

Desi Culture Group
Masha Sajdeh
Monika Bahroos

Asian-Pacific American Heritage
Sieglinde Lim-Sewart
Fei Liu
Cherry Chen

Muslim Family and Friends
Saima Sufi

Jewish Family Group
Emily Engel
Amelia Klein

Black Family Forum (BFF)
Iona Calhoun
Brandi Kenner Bell

Difference Makers
Mike Allen
Lisa Rosen
Catherine Beard

Gratitude Project
Corinne Bal
Mike Allen
Catherine Beard

Latin American Spanish Organization (LASO)
Mariana Ingersoll
Patty Jones
Suzanne Baum
Rosa Ortiz

Rites of May
Tracy Coe
Tracey Quinn
Lynn Sasamoto
Farah Cheema
Chitra Nair
Cheryl Rudbeck
Sara Skelly
Ramya Shah

Cathy Lee
Abundio Rodriguez