Bookswap redistributes over 10,000 gently used books to new homes (PHOTOS)

Bookswap is a longstanding Lab tradition of recycling books, promoting literacy amongst our youngest students, and sharing with others, sponsored by the Parents Association.

Nursery through 5th grade classrooms participated in Bookswap 2015 at the Sherry Lansing Theater in the Gordon Parks Arts Hall November 18-20. Over sixty volunteers spent more than 220 hours of their time collecting, sorting, and organizing more than 10,000 books for Bookswap. The entire 5th-grade also volunteered and helped sort books as a grade-wide service event. 

Forty-two boxes of remaining books were donated to Carrie Jacobs Bond Elementary School in the Englewood neighborhood to help stock its classroom libraries.

A book collection drive was held the week prior to Bookswap at the Middle School, ESH and Lower School. Students received a ticket for every book they brought in to exchange for another book during Bookswap. Students could also choose to enter their tickets into a lottery for several brand new books. Congratulations to the Lottery winners: David Grieve, Vivian Lee-Yee, Landyn McClain, Matt O’Connor, Grayson Smith, Sygne Stole, and Ethan Swinger. Happy reading!

Special thanks to Middle School students for donating over 1,400 books to Bookswap. Bookswap depends on the generous donations of chapter books from the Middle School. Congratulations to Mr. Krull’s sixth grade advisory for winning the pizza party for the most books brought in — 245!

We need your help with Bookswap 2016! Please sign up here to volunteer. Without our parent volunteers, Bookswap would not be possible. For more information, please contact Kimberly Picciola or Wai-Sinn Chan.

To see more photos of Bookswap, and other glimpses of life in the Lower School, follow Lower School Principal Sylvie on Twitter @UCLSPrincipal.

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