Need help with Schoology?

Schoology is new this year to most classrooms, and we know you may have many questions!  The school has created a Schoology primer you can download here.

Many parents find it helpful to use the Schoology app on their mobile phone.  Directions are now available to use the app on your phone or to bypass the UCLS website and log into Schoology directly.  Short version: to use the app, you need to change your password in your Account Settings first.  Log into Schoology via the Parent Portal as usual.  Once you’re in Schoology, you’ll want to navigate to your Account Settings when you are in your main account, which can be found in the menu dropdown when you click on your name in the upper right hand corner.  Where it says, Change Your Password, you can go ahead and change it (don’t worry — it won’t affect anything on UCLS, that password won’t change.)  While you’re in this account, make a note of what email address Schoology uses to communicate with you.

With this new Schoology password, you can now download the Schoology app to your mobile phone and login using your email address and your new password!