2016 Walk to School Day A Success! See photos.

In October of every year, millions of parents and kids from around the world participate in International Walk to School Day. On Wednesday, October 5, parents and kids from Lab joined this international event by walking or biking to school.

More than 250 ESH and LS students participated in this international event by walking or biking to school. At the Historic Campus, LS students walked or biked to school, and many students who were driven to school participated by running a quick lap around the Midway. Students signed their names on the Walk to School Day poster which is currently displayed in the Blaine Lobby–stop by and take a look.  Apples were handed out to participating LS students. A special thank you to Hyde Park Produce for supplying the apples.

At ESH, students started the day by walking or biking to school, then participating in a celebration on the rooftop playground. Music, and balloons created a festive atmosphere. A healthy snack of mini boxes of raisins were handed out to the kids on the rooftop playground, and the thirty ESH classrooms were also provided with mini raisin snack boxes–one for every child. A special thank you to Ms. King, and the ESH gym teachers, who were instrumental in leading the rooftop festivities.

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