Time to turn in your BoxTops! Deadline Thursday November 30

The BoxTops fall campaign deadline is just around the corner. Collection boxes are at all school entry points including ESH Lobby, Blaine Lobby and U-High Lobby. Turn your Box Tops in today!

BoxTops For Education is a unique fundraising program for schools that provides a ten cent rebate for each BoxTop submitted. BoxTops can be found on many common grocery and household items. Please check your pantry, refrigerator and freezer and clip BoxTops coupons for the Parents’ Association. Last year, the P.A. collected over $1,300 from the BoxTops for Education campaign. All proceeds from BoxTops are used by the P.A. to support teachers’ community service grants.

  • A fourth grade class created and sold hand-made craft projects to raise funds to help two Syrian refugee families resettle in Hyde Park.
  • A fifth grade class purchased supplies to create an art installation project, chronicling the journey of Syrian refugees.
  • A second grade class knitted scarves and hats for Chicago’s homeless community.
  • Two kindergarten classes took a field trip to a donation center to sort children’s clothes and supplies.

For more information please contact Cathy Lee.