Bookswap is almost here! Books will be collected in your child’s classroom, October 15-19. 

Please help continue Lab’s school-wide tradition of recycling books, promoting literacy among our youngest readers, and sharing what we have with others during Lab’s beloved Bookswap tradition. Between October 15-19 the classrooms will be collecting children’s books that you would like to donate to Bookswap. Swapping of books (grades N-5) will occur between October 23-25 in Judd C116.

Traditionally, for every book brought in, students will receive a ticket from their teacher that can be swapped for a different book of their choosing or deposited in the raffle for one of several new books on display at Bookswap. Note: Each classroom may have a different swapping process. This year students will have to use their backpacks, or you may send in a sturdy tote bag to carry their newly chosen books during swap days. No bags will be provided at Bookswap. All remaining books will be donated to James Dolittle Elementary School.

This event would not be possible without the efforts of so many dedicated parents. Please sign up to volunteer. Volunteers can help with the collecting, sorting or swapping of books. Thank you for your generosity of books and time! For any questions regarding this event, please contact Manali Barua or Kim Picciola.