Thank you to our Mentor Families!

Over 150 families signed up to mentor the incoming 2016-17 class to Lab.  We are so grateful to the many parents who answered the call to welcome a historic number of new students.  Countless emails were sent, questions answered, park playdates and weekend brunches organized this past summer.  The Parents’ Association would like to extend a special thank you to those families who organized “official” neighborhood welcome events:  Mariana Ingersoll, Zainab Baig, Amy Han, Neetu Sharma, Ann Grissom, Manali Barua, Leny Leung, Molly Curley, Cathy R. Lee, Sieglinde Lim-Seiwert, Peggy Wu, Tara Marsh, Tria Smith, Lena Jessen, and Tina Louie; and to our mentor coordinators, Ann Grissom, Karen Slimmon, Sara Skelly and Amy Liszt.   To all our mentors — your collective hospitality is extraordinary.  Thank You!
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