Middle School Council Welcome Letter

Dear Middle School Parents,
For parents new to Middle School and to Lab School, Welcome! We are fellow parents who have been elected to represent you on the Middle School Council of the Parents’ Association (PA).

We work closely with the MS Principal, Assistant Principal and Dean of Students as well as the UCLS PA (http://labparents.org) at large to:

  • Help parents feel more connected with the School and the Lab community
  • Support teachers and faculty by organizing parent volunteers as needed and assist teachers in securing PA Grants which provide monetary support for classroom and curriculum innovations
  • Represent the position of MS parents as the School strives to maintain an excellent educational experience for students
You can learn more in Middle School 101 – PA Sponsored Events. This is an overview of the different events that the PA organizes for Middle School students and families. Each event is an opportunity to get involved, and we welcome volunteers!
We are also looking for Advisory Parents to help build community among Middle School parents. All Middle School students are assigned to an Advisory with approximately 15 students. The role of the advisory Parent is to foster community among fellow parents in the Advisory through planning a parent-only event (such as a potluck or restaurant outing) at some point during the school year. Please consider signing up to be an Advisory Parent as an easy way to get involved.
We are looking forward to serving you and sharing a fantastic year at Lab! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.
Lena Jessen (lena.jessen@gmail.com)
Claudia Roeder (Claudia.roeder@gmail.com)
Colleen Sheehan (cpsheehan@sbcglobal.net)
Karen Slimmon (kslimmon@gmail.com)