2018-2019 PA Board Members

The PA Board is a group of volunteer parents who have been elected to represent the various school divisions, and to reinforce the link between the parents/guardians and the school.The PA Board has been elected for the school year 2018-2019, with the following members:


Lauren Polite

Barb Kern



Saima Sufi



Rupert Vaughn



Archana Dharanipragada



Mariana Ingersoll


Communications Coordinator

Ann Grissom


Communications Coordinator-Elect

Patty Jones


ESH Council

Jelani Frazier

Christie Tate

Meggan Friedman

Michael Norwood

Samantha Morales


Lower School Council

Melissa McMahill

Abundio Rodriguez

Jill Cross

Catherine Rosenberg


Middle School Council

Angela Cobb

Heather Tamburo

Susan Farmer

Monica Hughson


High School Council

Angie Holleb

Zainag Baig

Farah Noor Cheema

Kevin Tan