Lower School Quick Links

There are many ways to stay in touch with Lab. Click here for a quick summary of the various communication methods used by Lab to communicate with families.

University of Chicago Laboratory Schools Website


This website is how The Laboratory Schools communicates with the public in general.  It contains information regarding the director, board of trustees, mission statement, history, admission, financial aid, tuition, school hours, transportation, extra curricular activities, events and much more.  


Parents Page: on the top of the website, there will be a “Parents” Page. It answers the most basic parent questions regarding drop off and pick locations, parking, security procedures, school calendars and holidays, reporting an absence, bus service, lunch service, learning and counseling, etc.  The Parents Page requires a login and password.



Schoology is the primary means of communication between home and school for classroom-specific (not student-specific) information. Teachers will post information such as classroom activities, upcoming deadlines and other classroom news to their Schoology page. There is also a Lower School Schoology page for communication from the principal. Parents are encouraged to check Schoology regularly for information from teachers, room parents, and the principal. Schoology requires a login and password.



This is the platform that The Laboratory Schools uses to communicate with parents regarding their child’s private information.  This is where you’ll get information regarding your child’s attendance record, standardized test scores, progress reports and class assignments.  Family and emergency contact information can be updated here too. PowerSchool requires a login and password.



FACTS is the online billing system for non-tuition charges.  After you set up your account, you can make payments for Café Lab (lunches), field trips, extended day, bus, etc. It can also be directly linked to a bank account or credit card for convenience. FACTS requires a login and password.  


Parents’ Association (“PA”) Website


Every parent at Lab is a member of the Parents’ Association. The board members include an executive committee and 5 councils that represent each division, including High School, Middle School, Lower School, Primary School and Kindergarten/Nursery. Elections are held every April for new PA executive committee and council members.


All Parents’ Association events, announcements, meetings, speaker series, volunteer opportunities and more are posted on this website.  Also, check here if you’re interested in learning more about the members of the PA council.


Facebook Page

Group Name: Lab Moms and Dads

A Lab parent set up this Facebook page.  Its private setting allows Lab parents to freely exchange pictures and comments with one another.  Most posts include babysitter and tutor recommendations; selling items such as concert tickets, games, furniture, etc.


Sylvie Anglin’s Twitter Account: @UCLSPrincipal

Sylvie Anglin, Principal of the Lower School, uses this account to communicate pictures and updates to the public.


Direct Messages

You’ll also receive direct email messages from:

  • E-News
    This electronic newsletter comes out every two weeks.  E-News is The Laboratory Schools’ main method of communication to parents.  It is divided up into events that include all schools, as well as division specific events.  It provides announcements on all school matters including school events, plays, athletic tryouts, social events, deadlines, etc.  Be sure to scroll down to view the Lower School’s events and announcements.
  • Home Room Parents
    Room Parents are self-selected parent volunteers from your child’s classroom.  They’ll email the class through Schoology to organize class parties, potlucks, parent’s night out and to provide reminders.
  • Teachers
    Individual teachers will communicate in a variety of ways, including Schoology, emails and newsletters.