ESH Important Dates for 2017-2018 School Year

The ESC Council has compiled a list of dates that ESH families should note.

ESH Parents’ Association Important Dates 2017 – 2018 

Month/Date Time Event
09-05-17 8am-11am Back to School Bagels and Coffee
09-06-17 8am-11am Back to School Bagels and Coffee
09-06-17 6pm-8pm Nursery Parent Night
09-08-17 8am-9am Volunteer Fair
09-08-17 9am-10am Room Parent Orientation
09-11-17 6-8pm Kindergarten Parent Night
09-13-17 6-8pm 1st and 2nd Grant Parent Night
09-19-17 All day Picture Day
09-25-17 7pm-8.30pm Parents’ Association Meeting – New Year Welcome
10-4-17 Morning Walk to School
10-12-17 8.45am – 10am Fall Parent to Parent
10-9-17 & 10-20-17 All day Parent Teacher Conferences (no school)
10-10-17 7-8.30pm PA Speaker Series: Devorah Heitner
10-13-17 All Day Fan Day
10-24-17 All day Picture Retake Day
10-9-17, 10-18-17, 10-19-17, 10-20-17 All day Halloween Costume Swap



11/13/17 – 11/17/17 All day Book Swap
11-23-17 through 11-24-17 Thanksgiving Break – No School
TBD All day Holiday Book Fair
Dec 20 through January 2nd, 2018 Winter Break – No School
1-11-18 8.45am-10am Winter Parent to Parent
1-15-18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (No School)
Late Jan – early Feb Various times Restaurant Week
02-02-18 All day Parent Conferences (1st and 2nd grade)
02-08-18 All day Parent Conferences (1st and 2nd grade)
02-09-18 & 02-12-18 February Break (No School)
03-05-18 7pm-8.30pm Parents’ Association General Meeting
03-14-18 through 03-23-18 Spring Break (No School)
04-13-18 8.45am-10am Spring Parent to Parent
04-20-18 Faculty In Service (No School)
04-26-18 After school All Grade Event
05-04-18 All day Parent Conferences (No School)
05-11-18 All day Parent Conferences (no School)
05-28-18 Memorial Day (No School)
06-04-17 7-8.30pm Parents’ Association General Meeting
06-07-17 Last Day of School