Welcome to U-High

Dear Parents,
Welcome new and returning families! With a large number of new freshman families this year, we hope to provide support for one another through events like our monthly parent to parent meetings held on the first Wednesday of every month starting in October and/or the PA speaker series. We also encourage community enrichment through social events like dinner before HS Parent Night and organized lunches/dinners during Restaurant Week.  Please check out the HS 101 document for important dates to remember throughout the year. Even though it may seem like you are further removed from the school as your student ages, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Contact any one of us to do so!

Your High School Council,

Anu, Amy, Zainab, and Mariana

Anu Asthana anu.asthana1@gmail.com        Amy Han amyhan@iu.edu
Zainab Baig zainababaig@gmail.com            Mariana Ingersoll mariana.ingersoll@comcast.net