Parents’ Association 2017-18 Board Election Results!

Congratulations to our newly elected Parents’ Association Governing Board for the 2017-18 school year!

Below are the results of the new board positions for the 17/18 school year:

Treasurer-Elect:  Saima Sufi
Secretary-Elect:  Archana Dharanipragada
Communications Coordinator-Elect:  Ann Grissom
ESH Council:  Amelia Klein, Jelani Frazier and Christie Tate
LS Council:  Melissa McMahill and Abundio Rodriguez
MS Council:  Angela Cobb and Heather Tamburo
HS Council:  Amy Han and Zainab Baig

Continuing members of the PA are:

Co-Presidents:  Amanda Norton and Kim Stolze
Treasurer:  Liz Anderson
Secretary:  Nancy Stern
Communications Coordinator:  Patty Jones
ESH Council:  Manali Barua, Tiffany Flowers and Sieglinde Lim-Seiwert
LS Council:  Vanessa Copans and Andee Stacy
MS Council: Lena Jessen and Colleen Sheehan
HS Council:  Anu Asthana and Mariana Ingersoll