Successful Earth Day at ESH

We are delighted that many of you joined us in celebrating Earth Day last Thursday, April 20.

The event was full of joy, inspiration and emotions … We all had such a great time! A very special THANK YOU to our Principals, our teachers and the entire Extended Care staff who was amazing and very supportive!!

Please visit our Facebook and Instagram accounts (@uchicagolab) if you want to view a snapshot of our activities. We have included links to the two short videos with some tips for all of us to take care of our Planet Earth.

Save Water to Help the Earth


Finally, here are more tips on How to Grow Green Kids:

All parents want to raise compassionate children. We teach them to care about people. We encourage them to be kind to animals. But, what about showing kids how to be considerate of our planet?

It’s never too early to start instilling the values of recycling, conserving water, reducing trash, loving animals and keeping the air clean. Children of all ages can incorporate these concepts into their daily lives. Try to make it a family affair. When your children see you performing caring acts for the environment, they’ll be even more encouraged to do the same.

Get dirty.

Kids love getting dirty, so asking them to plant seeds in your yard should be met with enthusiasm. Talk to them about how the sun and rain help plants to grow. Watch their eyes light up at the first sign of a sprout.

Pick up the pieces (of trash, that is).

No one wants to play in a park or playground that’s filled with trash. Consider grabbing some rubber gloves and helping to beautify your local outdoor areas. Let your children know that having a safe and healthy place to play is good for their community as well as the environment.

Turn recyclables into crafts.

Instead of filling up your trash with every empty container, commit to keeping some of them for crafting projects. An egg carton can be used to sort coins, beads or other objects. Or, use it as a paint palette. Milk cartons can transform into bird feeders. A large cardboard box can become a cool go-cart.

Bag it with a re-usable Bag.

Give children a task when buying groceries or going to the store. Have them carry a favorite backpack or take along reusable bags. After all, how many plastic bags do we really need to keep in the pantry?

Use natural energy. Walk or ride a bike.

Walking and bike-riding are great ways to contribute to the environment’s well-being. In addition to saving gas and reducing the emission of harmful fumes, your children will get lots of exercise.

Look in a book.

Visit your local library or bookstore for an endless choice of books related to nature and protecting the earth.

Turn off the tap.

Little ones like turning on the faucet, but they don’t always remember to turn it off. Tell them that letting water run unnecessarily means it’s being wasted. There’s no need for a full discussion on water conservation. Just keep it simple.