P.A. Volunteers: Wai-Sinn Chan and Kim Picciola

wai-sinn kim picciola

Parents Association volunteers are exceptional – collectively and individually – in offering their time and efforts to help organize and run the many events and activities sponsored by the Parents Association. This week the P.A. would like to recognize Lab parents Wai-Sinn Chan and Kim Picciola for their extraordinary efforts co-chairing Bookswap. Bookswap is a beloved Lab tradition of recycling books, promoting literacy among our youngest students, and sharing with others.  For the past three years, Wai-Sinn and Kim have given countless hours to co-chairing, and ensuring the continued success of Bookswap.

Wai-Sinn and Kim joined the Lab community when their oldest children started N4. Wai-Sinn came to Lab in 2010, and currently has a fourth grader and a first grader at Lab. Kim has been a Lab parent since 2011, and has a third grader and first grader at Lab.  Both have been avid volunteers since their first quarter as Lab parents. They have served in many volunteer roles, including room parents, tour guides for Admissions, and helped with other P.A. events such as Bizaarnival and Rites of May.

Being a P.A. volunteer has been a rewarding experience for Wai-Sinn. “The opportunity to be with kids of all ages is energizing and entertaining, whether in a classroom or at a school-wide event,” Wai-Sinn says. “With Bookswap, there’s something magical about seeing kids’ faces light up at all the tables of books when they walk in, when a Big Buddy patiently helps his Little Buddy find the right book, or when a groups of kids park themselves on the floor in a circle and read.”

Kim encourages everyone to volunteer with the PA, and points out that the events organized by the PA enhance the Lab experience for the community. “I believe volunteering with the PA is a great way to give back to the school, and support the enriching opportunities the PA provides,” Kim says. “My volunteer efforts have reinforced that there are many incredibly thoughtful, talented, and generous members of this amazing community.” 

Co-President of the Parents Association Sari Weichbrodt speaks highly of both Kim and Wai-Sinn. “They are among the nicest and most helpful moms you could hope to find at Lab. WaiSinn is the consummate organizer. She is rarely frazzled and is very thoughtful. She balanced two part time jobs with running BookSwap this year seamlessly. Kim is a sweetheart who takes time out of her full time job to run BookSwap,” Sari says. “If we had 20 Kims and Wai-Sinns, we could put on the most amazing events. No detail is overlooked.”

Please join the Parents Association in recognizing these two amazing volunteers!

The P.A. is always looking for more great volunteers, please CLICK HERE to sign up.

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