Nominate yourself or others for 2016-2017 PA Board positions through Friday, April 1

All parents and guardians have an opportunity to be a part of the great traditions, innovations, and changes at Lab as part of the Parents’ Association (PA). We look in particular to the PA Board to ensure that we continue to fulfill the PA’s mission of community building, parent education, parent advocacy, and support. Please consider nominating yourself or a friend for one of the open positions for the 2016–2017 PA Board. This is an opportunity to join other parents and work with the school administration and teachers to help foster the creative and collaborative environment Lab offers us all. Nominations are being accepted through Friday, April 1, 2016. Click here to complete the form online. You may also print and submit a PDF version of the form. Time commitments vary depending on the position, and unless otherwise noted, all positions are for two-year terms. See PA job descriptions here for further explanations and expected time commitments each role entails. Please feel free to contact current PA President Safi Runesha with questions about the PA or the activities of the Board.

Open positions are as follows:

School Councils: ESH Council (3 positions), Lower School Council (2 positions), Middle School Council (2 positions), High School Council (2 positions)

President-elect (Must have previously held a position in the PA Board)



Communications Coordinator-elect