Dear U-High Community

Dear U-High Parent Community,

The High School Council and Parents’ Association Co-Presidents are aware of the many feelings and opinions on the recent dismissal of a teacher. There are a variety of thoughts and perspectives, and as representatives of the parent community, we strive to be receptive to and respectful of all concerns and viewpoints.

We have heard from and been communicating with parents, faculty, administration and others, specifically around the issues raised by the families directly affected. We understand and acknowledge that many of the concerns of parents relate to issues of process. We are working to ensure that students are supported and resources made available.

We are a caring and supportive community of students, faculty, staff and parents. Ensuring a productive and healthy learning environment for everyone must be a priority for all of us. 

Please feel free to reach out to any of us. The purpose of the PA is, in part, to “promote understanding and communication between the home and the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools.”

The Members of the Parent’s Association High School Council will be at the Booth School cafeteria every Monday morning after drop-off starting February 4th through Spring Break for any U-High parent wishing to talk. If that’s not convenient, we encourage you to reach out to arrange another time. You can always reach the PA Board by emailing: and check out our website at

In addition, please mark your calendars for our next U-High Parent-to-Parent meeting, Wed Feb 6 at 8:15am in the U-High Office Conference Room.
As a reminder, the PA Board meets regularly and parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend. 

Our next meeting is Monday February 4th at 7 pm in the John Rogers Boardroom in Judd Hall.  We will post the agenda shortly. 

Barb Kern and Lauren Polite, PA Co-Presidents
Zainab Baig, High School Council 
Farah Noor Cheema, High School Council
Kevin Tan, High School Council

Angie Holleb, High School Council