Teacher Grant Hightlight: Dash & Dot Robot (Wales, 3rd & 4th Computer Science)

As part of the Parents’ Association’s efforts to build school community and promote educational excellence, we have traditionally partnered with faculty to fund activities that promote curriculum innovation. The goal of the grant initiative is to support teachers in generating novel and exciting learning experiences for their students. Past grants have funded projects related to arts and culture, social skills, physical health, life skills, community service, counseling/mental health, extracurricular activities and more. In the Lower School, grant proposals have also been used to fund speaker visits.

Grants, Wales (picture 1)

One of grants awarded to a Lower School teacher was to Brandy Wales, 3rd and 4th Grade Computer Science Teacher.  She was awarded $280 to purchase a Dash and Dob robotic set, which has provided hands-on learning and collaboration experiences to 280 3rd and 4th grade students.  Dash and Dot are programmed to communicate with each other and the world through movement, sound, light and motion sensors. Check out this article by Forbes  or another by Venture Beat to learn more about Dash and Dot.

Ms. Wales: “Thanks to a generous PA grant, Dash and Dot have made their way into our classroom this week!”

Grants, Wales (picture 2)