Junior College Workshops Start in January (Juniors ONLY)

Every year our three college counselors (Patty Kovacs, Abigale Wagner and Melissa Warehall) conduct workshops for Juniors upon their return from winter break in January through May.  The students meet in groups weekly at a time that fits their schedule.  The purpose of these workshops is to help students prepare for and navigate the college search process.  The workshops give general information needed by every student beginning the process and does not replace the individual meetings students have with counselors.  Below is a list of the curriculum by week:
Junior College Workshop Curriculum January-May 2017

9-13:  Introduction to JCW and College Counselors
23-27: Naviance and Intro to Financial Aid
30-3: Course Registration

13-17: Student Rights and Responsibilities in College Process and more on Financial Aid
20-24: Choosing a College
27-3:  Visiting a College

6-10: The Junior Questionnaire

3-7:  Application Overview
10-14: Transcript Review (Junior Questionnaires due April 14th)
24-28: Introduction to the Common Application

1-5: Case Studies: Mock Admissions File Reading
8-12: Teacher Recs/ Summer tasks, to-do checklist
15-19: College Essay Overview

22-26: Personal Reflection Exercise for Essay Thinking